Rodgers Lunch Box

The perfect sized lunchbox that packs a punch. And fruit punch.

*Please note that personalized bags are final sale.

Color Polyester Canvas | Navy/Heather

Product Details

The ultimate lunchtime companion. 


  • Dimensions: 6.89" H x 10.04" W x 3.35" D
  • Weight: 0.44 lbs
  • Capacity: 3L


  • Main Body: 100% Polyester
  • Insulated, wipeable lining
  • Spot clean with a damp cloth

"The interior flap of this insulated bag has a zippered mesh pocket for holding silverware and the main body has a detachable divider to help organize food and snacks—it’s perfectly sized to fit a water bottle, sandwich, granola bar and banana. The designs, meanwhile, are a step above the usual movie character stuff and often sell out before fall (take it from this mom who missed out last year—order early!)."

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Rodgers Lunch Box
Polyester Canvas | Navy/Heather
The perfect sized lunchbox that packs a punch. And fruit punch.
*Please note that personalized bags are final sale.
Kane Kids
Polyester Canvas | Navy/Heather Gray
Our signature backpack for the kids, or the kid at heart. Recommended for Kindergarten- 3rd grade.
*Please note that personalized bags are final sale.

What Fits

Water Bottle
Granola Bar
Bento Box
Ice Pack

Features & Materials

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

Great construction, modern & bright, light, easy to use and clean with plenty of room. Kids love it. Especially the clip with can allow it to hang from a backpack!

Great Size & Keeps Cool

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! We got this lunch box for my son (along with the matching backpack) and he loves it. It’s the perfect size to store a full lunch and snacks for his full day of school AND keep everything nice and cool with an ice pack.

Specific Use Case is OK but Overall Pass

Pro’s: Good quality, love its metallic, wipable inside, clear pocket for message, sized to fit inside backpack, elevated kids design

Con’s: not made to hold a Bentgo or similar inside because it will not fit a ice pack but if you pack a free form lunch, its good for this. I would like water bottle holder on side and an optional long strap.

Buying this lunch box would assume: you hold a water bottle on the side of backpack or small one inside, you pack free form lunch or lunch in small containers and you either put this inside the backpack or snap it with the tiny handle on top. Its slim form factor is good for those wanting a compact, simple lunch bag to throw inside the backpack.

Beautiful, high quality - but a tad tight depending on what you're storing!

We love our bag – it is really beautiful and clearly high quality. The print is youthful but elevated. Fun for parents and kids to look at together. I have a few functional issues with it --- the inside of the bag is a bit tight - we have a Bentgo lunch box and we can only pack that and a very slim ice pack and it's pretty stuffed. There is also no holder for a water bottle, which I knew before I purchased but is noticable in the rush of school mornings and pick ups. I also wish it had an option to buy a longer strap that works with it. I think this works better for folks who may not use a lunch box to store the food?


The bag is not only fashionable but also functional. The perfect size. Very rarely do you see a product with good design and purpose. I use it to work everyday. Needless to say I have the coolest lunch bag out of everyone :) PS: I'm in my mid 30s