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Photos & Videos by Rachel Klein

Dear Adults...

Our newest #WhatDoWeTellTheKids project features New York City teens who are alumni of Seeds of Peace - STATE's Summer 2019 charitable partner that inspires and cultivates new generations of leaders to transform conflict. This film features six incredible young adults who shift the question from 'what do we tell the kids?' to 'what should the kids be telling us?' around a variety of today's pressing social issues and their impact on teenagers, and all of us.

To learn more about Seeds of Peace and the profound, long-lasting impact the program is continuing to make on young people across the globe, visit

Open Submissions

Share your Story.

The #WhatDoWeTellTheKids platform was created to shed light, share stories, and continue to make sure we as a brand - and as human beings - are on the right side of history. We’re always building on the ways in which we can do that, so if there’s a cause or issue that you feel needs extra attention, send us a note! We are fueled by you… our State family!
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What Do We Tell The Kids

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