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Mini Kane

Our Mini Kane backpack is everything you love about the Kane…. miniaturized. The main compartment fits your everyday school day essentials and a Ryder snack pack or a Rodgers lunchbox. The front zip pocket is perfect for pencils and pens.

H: 12.60", W: 9.45", D: 3.54"


Our signature backpack for the kids, or the kid at heart. The main compartment fits your everyday school essentials and a Rodgers lunch box or a Ryder snack pack. The front zippered pocket is perfect for pens and pencils and the side pockets for water bottles.

H: 14.95", W: 11.22", D: 4.72"


Our Kent bag parallels our classic Bedford, but just a touch smaller. The main compartment comes with a laptop sleeve and room to fit your everyday school gear. The front compartment is loaded with organizational pockets for your electronics and notebooks, plus side slip pockets for your smaller water bottles and a zippered front pocket for personal items.

H: 14.76", W: 12.80", D: 5.91"


Our classic Bedford comes with all you need for those with style and organization in mind. A main compartment and laptop sleeve that fits your everyday school gear, front compartment loaded with organizational pockets for your smaller electronics and chargers, front zip pocket for easy access, plus two side water bottle pockets. The Bedford is your new go-to schoool bag.

H: 15.75", W: 12.80", D: 6.30"


Our Leny is the built-out backpack, built for the student. The two main compartments fit your everyday school gear, books and sneakers plus a laptop sleeve. The front pocket is perfect for your chargers, pens and pencils plus side pockets for water bottles.

H: 15.75", W: 12.01", D: 6.10"

Mini Lorimer

Our Mini Lorimer is just like our Lorimer… only mini. The main compartment has room for your laptop plus your everyday gear. The sneaky side pocket fits your phone or metrocard and front double pockets are perfect for pens, pencils and personal items.

H: 13.78", W: 9.45", D: 4.13"


Our Lorimer is a sleek lightweight backpack with a fashion edge. The main compartment has room for your laptop plus all your everyday gear, the subtle side pocket fits your phone and MetroCard, and double front pockets are perfect for those miscellaneous, personal items.

H: 16.93", W: 12.60", D: 5.12"

Richmond Lunch Sack

Our Richmond Lunch Sack packs it all. Perfect for the young student, this lunch sack fits a standard water bottle, sandwich, granola bar and fruit. All the essential brain foods for our future leaders.

H: 9.65", W: 7.87", D: 3.35"

Lewis Toy Carrier

Our Lewis Toy Carrier is great for toys, toys, and more toys. Perfect for packing those toy cars, dolls, action figures, markers, glue sticks and whatever else puts a smile on your kids’ faces.

H: 7.09", W: 7.09", D: 3.35"

Harbor Artfolio

Our Harbor Artfolio is perfect for the mini art lover. It comes with 10 custom STATE crayons and pad of paper. It’s like a mobile creativity carrier, only way cuter.

H: 11.02" x W: 8.27"

Court Pencil Case

Our Court Pencil Case is perfect for... you guessed it - pencils! It also works for pens, crayons, erasers and more.

H: 1.97", W: 8.86", D: 1.97"