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FridaBaby Hand Sanity


It can feel like a full-time job keeping curious kiddos’ hands clean, especially when there’s no sink in sight. Thankfully, Hand Sanity cleans dirty paws without needing a rinse or towel. Made with skin-soothing aloe vera, Hand Sanity kills most germs instantly.

In collaboration with our friends at FridaBaby.
Sanitizer - O/S
FridaBaby Hand Sanity

What Fits

    • Fits perfectly in our Lorimer Fanny Pack for on- the- go cleanliness 
FridaBaby Hand Sanity


    • Pair with our Lorimer Fanny Pack and our Billie Blooms x Karolina Kurkova face masks for the ultimate essentials bundle to help keep all the things you need in one place as you re- emerge
FridaBaby Hand Sanity

Size & Materials

    • 1.7 oz 

Carry for a Cause

Carry for a Cause

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