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Sections Test's #EraseTheRWord Video

As seen on's The Movement campaign, this video has garnered close to 800K views! "This is why we need to stop saying the "R word." 

AJ+'s #EraseTheRWord Video

AJ+'s #EraseTheRWord video has been viewed close to 250K times! "This bag company wants you to stop saying “retarded.”

Chelsea's Morning Routine


Our latest #WhatDoWeTellTheKids video (shot and directed by Emmy Award winner, Kat Misko) featuring incredible advocates from YAI simply asks the question, why? Why is the R word still being used when it's so hurtful to so many?  In nursery school, I was placed in a class with Evan Sneider - a boy with Down Syndrome who I witnessed being teased and called "retarded" all the way to Senior year of high school. This word has become my biggest pet peeve, hearing it said by highly educated people, celebrities, and even friends, so I finally did something about it.  So that we can continue the mission of those in this video, disabled youth and adults across the world and my friend, Evan,...