Happy Birthday Jacq!

Happy birthday to our fearless Co-Founder, Creative Director & GiveBackGal, Jacq! To celebrate, here are 37 reasons why the STATE Team loves Jacq...in totally random order!

1) Her fierce and perfectly classy style 

2) Her smile that lights up a room with no natural sunlight 

3) The two pairs of shoes under her desk she's been saying she'll take home for 7 months 

4) How she insists on sitting in the crowd of kids at every bag drop rally, and her ear to ear smiles throughout the entire event

5) How she's found a way to make Scot's t-shirts from 4th grade cool 

6) Her love of family - her own, STATE's and Camp POWER's 

7) Her daily celebrations when the lunch delivery guy shows up 

8) How she'll break into a full dance party at any moment - most times with no music playing

9) The way she can watch the same video of her kids over and over, and every time find it just as funny or heartwarming as the first time it ever happened

10) She still gets so excited when she finds out someone knows STATE Bags, and even more so if they bought one

11) Her love for a good sample sale

12) Watching her take down roughly 264.5 packs of gum every two weeks

13) She's always up for giving (the best) shopping and styling advice any time you need it

14) Working with someone who occasionally uses her strapless bra as ear muffs in the work place

15) Her enthusiasm for all things STATE is unmatched, whether that be opening boxes of new samples to working through creative direction for the season to being at bag drop events to learning about the manufacturing process first-hand to spotting product on the streets 

16) Her insane abs 

17) The balance she strikes between being one of the healthiest people we know while having a serious daily candy indulgence

18) Her insanely gifted ways of working with colors and fabrics 

19) Her loyalty

20) Her honesty 

21) That she’s able to be both serious about business but also keep things light and hilarious around the office

22) How quick she is to bring a smile to everyone's face by telling a funny story, dancing on Scot's cue, etc

23) How sensitive she is to everyone’s experience around her and how worried (almost panicked!) she gets if she thinks someone isn’t ok

24) She never changes who she is. She's the same person we see in the office as the one you'll hear doing an interview on national TV or chatting with Jessica Alba

25) Her killer outfits. We may see her wear something a couple times, but NEVER the same way

26) Her growing Momtreprenuer status, and the respect she's gaining everyday in the field

27) Her love of Bulldogs and how she'll immediately name one on the street, despite having no idea what its actual name is ("Ohhhh, look at Gertrude Cumquat just moseying down the street here...")

28) How her daughter Ayla is quickly becoming her Mini-Jacq 

29) How her son, Ozzie is a total Mama's boy...he calls Scot "Mama Dadda"

30) Her commitment to being home for dinner or bedtime with her kids almost every night of the week no matter how crazy work is

31) How she looks NOTHING like her age 

32) How she'll occasionally start jump-roping in the office just to get the blood pumping 

33) Her compassion that she wears on her sleeve 

34) How every partner we work with instantly loves her

35) How effortlessly smart and savvy she is

36) Her love and commitment to the kids of Camp POWER. Despite it being our busiest time as a business, the kids of CP remain her main focus in late August every year

37) How incredibly unique she is in the best, most genuine way possible. There is truly no one like Jacq!

We love you, Jacq! Here's to 37 and 37 and 37 more birthdays!